okay i made the new icon up there. iam working on a better one but give me some time please =)and yes the icon iam using is almost the same. the one up there says anime and music while mine says immortal love i made them both and iam gonna be making more up as this community goes along
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oh ya please excuse our spelling we're tired so... oh ya if u also have any questions about a song or bands genre that u think might be metal or goth and so on ask us, dont trust those lying bastard internet sites about the band =) i love smily faces
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Another FollowUp

Hi this is wings. As my friend said this is a new community so it might not be polished to your speicifications but we are working on it so deal with it. All thought my friend and I are interested in the same stuff hes more into anime and the metal genre then i am. And Iam more into manga, hardcore rock, and emo then he his. Although the rules are going to be posted in the Bio, all just give you a brief description of what to do and not to do.


1. Do not talk about drugs unless it is, "Dude i hate drugs" or "Drugs are fucked up" or something like that *cigerettes is okay to talk about*

2. NO RACIST COMMENTS OR JOKEs unless you dont mean it is cruel way. Some simple ones are okay but dont target a race. It can be something like me and ultima are white we can say whats up cracker or something like that.

3. Please dont talk about rap or country. Unless its like "man i hate rap and country" or "country and rap are for fucking idiots" or somthing like that.

4. No talking about kiddy animes like Pokemon, Hamtaro, Yu-Gi-Oh, or any else gitty like that unless it is approved by one of us.

5. Please try to aviod hentai. Doushinji is okay but not hentail please try to avoid posting pics. Talking about it is okay. The reason for this is some people are younger then 18 so please be curdious and plus this is an anime site not a porn site or an area like where you hide ur dirty magazines from your wife or husband.

6. Please be nice to one another. Dont send insults at each other unless its behind their back.

If we forgotten anything and ur questioning something please contact us at the email address posted and we're nice guys but dont piss us off. Also dont worry if u slip up a little bit we will remind u of the rules and give u a seco nd chance but betrayed us again and consider urself banned.
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New Anime Community

Hey this is a new community my friend and I made. My friend is xxbrokenwings but call him wings and iam ultima. We made this community because we are sick and tired of people not making communities about anime and music so we decided to make one ourselves. We hope this will become a great journal so post and join it please. My fav anime is Chobits. I like all the music we posted. Iam working on making a picture for this jounral and i might post some of them later =) Feel free to post anything about anime or the music genres we metioned
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